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When you join #ChangeTheNow, you will enter into a global community of virtual changemakers, championing real-life positive social change in their local communities. Your goal will assemble an #ChangeTheNow Innovation Team and then chart your own changemaking journey, in bringing a social innovation idea to life.

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    Brandyn Knight is a Career & Education Discovery Coach
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    I am an educator, life coach, and family mediator. One of my main interests is how to nurture and equip an army of changemakers. I believe in innovative and creative economic activities and processes that are focused on protecting and sustaining life on o
  • Profile picture for Deb Friel
    Deb is responsible for short courses and micro-credentials offered at CQUniversity. Deb is also a passionate advocate for sustainability, (an Alumnus of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps (2019)) and Social Innovation, and represents CQUniversity
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    I am Sandeep Neelam. I am pursuing Masters in Business management. Since my childhood, I was curious in starting up a conventional business, but gradually my interests changed towards the businesses and ideas that bring change in the society to do better.
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    I have always been characterized by my social commitment, to participating in extracurricular activities focused on social innovation to help university stu
  • Profile picture for Naina Paudel
    I am an honest and hardworking student of CQ University, pursuing Master of Information Technology. I am very passionate on innovations, technology and social changes that can somewhere be useful for the mankind.
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    This is Me - a reformed creative designer looking to make positive change
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    Kate is a scholar-practitioner in the world of social impact and critical global citizenship development. A whole-hearted life-enthusiast, Kate has followed her passions towards an international and multi-sector career in higher education, start-ups, and