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Louis Mercier

HEC Montréal
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I want to create new strategies, products or ideas to address social issues.

My UN Sustainable Development Goal
Reduced Inequalities

As part of #ChangeTheNow, I’m working on solving UN Sustainable Development Goal 10: reducing inequality within and among countries.

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#ChangeTheNow participants must complete modules centered around the Design Thinking process. Passport stamps are awarded as modules are completed.
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ME=WE Module Incomplete

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    2021-11-20 16:50:03 -0800
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    answered "After completing this activity, what do you feel are next steps towards contributing to the community you care about?" 2021-11-20 16:49:42 -0800
    I need to observe and listen closely to what is happening around me in my community. I found myself having having a hard time even figuring out where my community and what is the good and the bad that it carries. I feel i’m always moving, never taking the time to observe and listen. I fear it is the case with many people in my community, there is an epidemic of lives centered around the ME without the perspective of ME as a part of WE, and this even for people wanting to contribute to positive change. I will try to seek out others perspectives instead of simply being open to receiving them.
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