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An Invitation to Join #ChangeTheNow

In 2018 Georgian College, Canada’s first Ashoka Changemaker College, wanted to know if they could mobilize students from kindergarten to Post Secondary into a movement, effectively building a region of Changemakers. It was from here that #ChangeTheNow began.

Do Good to Do Well

#ChangeTheNow was created on the beliefs that small acts can lead to big change and collaborations can turn into largescale movements. We believe together students’, educators’ and communities’ ideas can spark systems shifts that make will make our communities greener, healthier, safer, stronger and more inclusive!

Will you join us in creating the positive change and contribute to 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals?

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Join a Community of Changemakers

When you join #ChangeTheNow, you will enter into a global community of virtual changemakers, championing real-life positive social change in their local communities. Your goal will assemble an #ChangeTheNow Innovation Team and then chart your own changemaking journey, in bringing a social innovation idea to life.

  • Profile picture for Brandyn Knight
    Brandyn Knight is a Career & Education Discovery Coach
  • Profile picture for Christine Pryce
    I am an educator, life coach, and family mediator. One of my main interests is how to nurture and equip an army of changemakers. I believe in innovative and creative economic activities and processes that are focused on protecting and sustaining life on o
  • Profile picture for Deb Friel
    Deb is responsible for short courses and micro-credentials offered at CQUniversity. Deb is also a passionate advocate for sustainability, (an Alumnus of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps (2019)) and Social Innovation, and represents CQUniversity
  • Profile picture for Sandeep Neela
    I am Sandeep Neelam. I am pursuing Masters in Business management. Since my childhood, I was curious in starting up a conventional business, but gradually my interests changed towards the businesses and ideas that bring change in the society to do better.
  • Profile picture for Cristian Herrera
    I have always been characterized by my social commitment, to participating in extracurricular activities focused on social innovation to help university stu
  • Profile picture for Naina Paudel
    I am an honest and hardworking student of CQ University, pursuing Master of Information Technology. I am very passionate on innovations, technology and social changes that can somewhere be useful for the mankind.
  • Profile picture for Nicole Norris
    This is Me - a reformed creative designer looking to make positive change
  • Profile picture for Kate Nickelchok
    Kate is a scholar-practitioner in the world of social impact and critical global citizenship development. A whole-hearted life-enthusiast, Kate has followed her passions towards an international and multi-sector career in higher education, start-ups, and

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